This is a pack of 5 Cold Clamps.

It is sometimes possible to use an individual Cold Clamp more than once, but they should be broadly treated as one-time use devices.


COLDCLAMP-2 specifications
Country of Origin Australia
Shipping Weight 13500 g
General Cold Clamp specifications
Weight Empty 6.1 kg, Full 14.1 kg
Maximum Cable Diameter 38 mm
Known Applicable Cable types Fiber optic cable, jelly filled with acrylate coated fiber, including armoured types.
Typical loss created by Cold Clamp 0.21 dB at 1300 & 1550 nm
Typical usage of liquid nitrogen 300 ml (15mm non-metallic cable)
Liquid nitrogen boiling Point 196 °C
10-Liter Dewar 45 days of boil dry time in static conditions

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