Careers at Kingfisher

Kingfisher fiber optic test equipment is used by technical and non-technical staff in all phases of fiber optic manufacture, installation, and maintenance. Typical applications are to verify, test, certify and repair fiber optic systems in telecom, data com, defense and automotive applications.

Established in 1986, Kingfisher International has won many government and industry awards, and has a long history of innovation. Our work culture is friendly, and we have a very low staff turn-over. Some benefits include a small business can-do attitude, family-friendly work hours, freeway access, and flexitime.


Kingfisher is always seeking experienced staff in areas such as manufacturing, technicians, engineers, sales & marketing professionals, and administrative staff in the Melbourne region in Australia. Experience in test and measurement, optics (particularly fiber optics), electronics, and precision/small electronic and mechanical equipment experience are all valued. 

If you'd be interested in working with us, please email your resume, or view our current job ads. 

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