Common Troubleshooting / FAQ problems

 If you are having trouble with a Kingfisher instrument, please check the following:

2-way Loss Test Set fails to start 2-way Autotest:

An instrument won't respond, or is generally malfunctioning:

An optical power level seems to be wrong or unstable:

An optical power reading seems low at high power levels:

If measuring transmission equipment power levels, it is possible for signal modulation to cause a false reading. This problem is worse at high power levels, and diminishes rapidly as the power level drops. To observe (and cure) this, attenuate the signal into the meter (about 10 dB is good for a trial), and see if the reading comes to the expected value.

A laser source doesn't seem very stable:

An attenuation value seems wrong:

Refer to the meter manual to find out how to take a reference value correctly. Refer to our Application Notes if you are not sure how to use reference values during attenuation measurements.

The instrument is suspected of malfunctioning:

Instrument manuals can be downloaded from this web site. In the back of most instrument user manuals, there is a detailed Performance Verification Test which can usually be performed with quite simple equipment. If this test fails, please contact a service center. Any test results you have available will help identify the problem.

The optical connector fails to latch onto the instrument

Applies to instruments with an SC style interchangeable connector: Usually, this is because you are trying to use a heavily-worn through-connector. Use a brand new though connector (might need to try a couple of different brands of through connector) to fix this problem.

Instrument (KI6680, AutoGet Wi-Fi) won't connect to an Android or iOS devices via Wi-Fi

 i. Verify that the Wi-Fi function of a Windows 10 computer is working (e.g., try connect it with another device)

 ii. Check that if instrument is able to connect to that computer.  The SSID of instrument (e.g. EasyGet_xxxx or AGWxxxx) should be visible on the computer.

iii. If the outcome of ii. above is “yes”, the instrument’s Wi-Fi function is good. 

iv. If the outcome of ii. above is “no”, very likely that the instrument’s Wi-Fi function is faulty.

I need help running KITS™ Software:

Please visit the KITS™ FAQs for common problems, or take a look at the help file for your version of KITS™ software by clicking the help menu item.

KITS software has a detailed 85 page user manual, please have a look if this can help you.

I have another problem:

Please check our support page for next steps.

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