VE Visual Enhanced InGaAs Detector

What it does

A VE (Visual Enhanced) InGaAs optical detector offers improved performance across visible to infrared wavelengths. A unique advantage only on Kingfisher Optical Power Meters.

  • It can measure light at visible, near infrared and infrared wavelengths.

  • For wavelengths used in single mode fiber applications (1270 -1650 nm), it has similar characteristics to a typical InGaAs detector.
  • For wavelengths used in multimode fiber applications (830 - 940 nm), the response is much more wavelength-stable. For a typical 850 ±30 nm wavelength window, wavelength related test uncertainty is 3x better, reduced from 1.2 dB (typical InGaAs) to 0.3 dB (VE), similar to a Silicon detector.
  • It can measure red laser VFL power (635 - 670 nm), and SWDM applications (850 - 940 nm).

    This graph shows real detector responsivity. The blue line shows VE detector performance:

User benefit

Finally, a detector that offers optimum performance for both single mode and multimode fiber applications. 

Absolute power accuracy for 850 nm applications can be important, since the transceiver operational loss budget is small, and may be as small as 1.2 dB.

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