Interchangeable connector adaptors

Our extensive range of high-quality interchangeable connector adaptors helps keep your organisation ahead.

  • Change connector styles as your needs change
  • Swap-out damaged or worn-out adapters
  • Easily clean instrument connector tip or power meter detector
  • Metal connector bodies are more rugged for test use

PC /APC polish compatibility: 
Power meter port: unless othwise stated, a connector adaptor used on a power meter, works for both PC and APC polish connecotors.
Light source, two-way tester or attenuator port: The port PC / APC polish must be matched to the inserted patch lead polish. Avoid "universal" connector adpators.
VFL: Usualy, a VFL works equally well into either a PC or APC polish connector.
Microscope: For regular work, the adaptor should be properly matched to a PC or APC connector. The wrong match can be made to work for occasional less-critical use.

Hybrid Adapter Series

For most Kingfisher sources, meters, LTS, attenuators & test leads


XL Series Power Meter Adapter Series

For Kingfisher XL optical power meters, and legacy / other power meters


KI 6610 Series Microscope Adapters

For Kingfisher Fibersafe optical microscope


KI 6680 / Dimension AutoGet Wi-Fi Scope Adapter Series

Adaptors for Kingfisher KI 6680 & Autoget Wi-Fi video microscopes

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