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KI5000 Optical Return Loss Meter

SIMPLICITY The KI5000 Optical Return Loss Meter automatically measures the accumulated back reflections at the measurement point in singlemode optical fibre systems.

This measurement is of critical importance to transmission system using DFB lasers, or transmitting analogue video and high speed digital signals. In these applications, excessive optical reflections cause loss of signal/noise performance and increased Bit Error Rate.

CHOICE OF MODELS Two types are available, an LED based unit best suited to acceptance and field testing on fibre lines (40dB range, PC connector fitted as standard), and a laser based unit with wider range suitable for extended measurements (60dB range, SP connector fitted as standard). Both instruments contain all the requisite sources, detectors and optical system to accurately perform measurements, and are designed to eliminate the effect of optical source drift.
FAST & RELIABLE The KI5000 is designed for simplicity and reliability of operation, while providing faster, more accurate measurements than has previously been possible. In addition, since long term measurement stability has been greatly improved, re-calibration is not normally required, leading to reduced life-time cost of ownership.

A complementary range of Kingfisher fibre optic test and measurement equipment is available for complete attenuation and optical power measurement.


  • A compact, lightweight field instrument with a diecast aluminum frame engineered for reliability, precision and simplicity of operation.
  • User controls and the optical interface are fully drop protected. Additionally, the unit is fully operational while still protected within the ruggedised transit case.
  • The user's patchcord may be left permanently attached, eliminating dirt and wear problems in the optical interface.
  • A range of interchangeable optical connector adaptors are available for Physical Contact (PC) polish and Slant Polish (SP) connectors. The instrument connector tip is user accessible for easy cleaning.
  • Negligible warm-up period, excellent accuracy (ą 0.5dB), dynamic range up to 60dB, immediate display update and an analogue output provide superior convenience.
  • Dual wavelength testing at the flick of a switch.


  • Return loss measurement of connectors and components
  • Acceptance testing of transmission systems
  • Emergency fault finding
  • Checking cable assemblies
  • R&D and Quality Assurance
  • Usable as dual CW light source

OPERATION It's as simple as:

Your patchcord can be permanently attached, for improved accuracy and convenience Turn the unit on, Select the required wavelength The return loss is now displayed The optical connector comes apart easily for cleaning and upgrading
Instrument 190 x 120 x 95mm (7.4" x 4.7" x 3.7") 1kg (2.2lb)
Carry Case 280 x 330 x 150mm (11" x 13" x 5.9") 1.9kg (4.2lb)
Shipping weight 3 kg (6.6lb)

Power: Internal nicad batteries. Auto turn-off, low battery indicator.
10 hrs operation, 16hrs re-charge from external charger, 9V/200mA DC.

Operating: -5 to 55 oC non condensin
Storage: -30 to 70 oC
Reliability: 35 Years MTBF at 25 oC
Optical: 1300/1550nm (as relevant)
  LED: -30dBm output approx
  LASER: -10dBm output approx

Range LED version 0 to -40dB
Laser version 0 to -60dB
Accuracy Calibration accuracy at -14. dB, 25 oC and 99% certainty: 0.5 dB
Calibration uncertainty over 0 - 50 oC at -14.7dB = ą0.7dB. Linearity after noise floor correction; ą0.05dB
(Note: Calibration is performed by two independent methods, which are cross-correlated for improved overall certainty.)
DisplayResolution: 0.1dB, 13mm digits
Response time: 2 seconds
Analogue Output1mv/dB uncalibrated
Impedance: 10k via 4mm jack sockets


KI5000 Optical Return Loss Meter  
1300/1550nm LED unit KI5002-PC
1300/1550nm LASER unit KI5003-SP
1300nm LED unit KI5004-PC
1550nm LED unit KI5005-PC
1300nm LASER unit KI5006-SP
1550nm LASER unit KI5007-SP

Note: Due to rapid developments, please contact factory before ordering SP connector options.

Interchangeable Optical Connector Adaptors  
(order one or more)  
DIN 47256 001
FC 002
SC 003
ST 004
HMS-10/A (2.5mm SMA) 006
HMS-10/B (2.5mm BNC) 007
DIAMOND 2.5mm 007A
DIAMOND 3.5mm 007B
F & G 007C
D4 008
Special Connector Option 507
Accessories: Standard  
Operation Manual 108
Battery Adaptor 102
Hard Carry Case 142
Accessories: Optional  
Carry Strap 104
Emergency Power Pack 100
Index Matching Gel 012
Re-Calibration 771
Low Reflection Termination 704
Patchcords or Pigtails 601
(Please specify your requirements)  

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