Our KI27400 Series of Two-Way Loss, Length & ORL Testers are known to set a new benchmark in field test productivity, accuracy and ease of use. Testing fiber length, bi-directional loss at two or more wavelengths, and ORL at each end, now requires only one test hook-up and is completed in a few seconds, using the same test procedure for both single-mode and multimode fiber.

Since initial introduction, ORL test performance has been significantly enhanced, with a much lower level of residual ORL.

In response to customer requests, we have new models with additional wavelength options:

KI27416LV-INGAAS-APC* Length, VisiTester, 1310-1490-1550-1625 nm Laser APC, InGaAs
KI27424LV-GE* Length, 850-1300 nm, 1310-1550 nm Laser  VisiTester, Ge (EAR99 Restricted)
KI27424LV-GE-APC* Length, 850-1300 nm, 1310-1550 nm Laser  VisiTester APC, Ge (EAR99 Restricted)
KI23416OLF-INGAAS-APC* ORL Length VFL, 1310-1490-1550 nm u/s Laser APC, InGaAs

These testers eliminate a layer of administration, co-ordination, training and reporting when certifying a LAN to many standards, in addition to minimising test errors and providing high accuracy.

The full-function ORL capability can be used in both integrated Autotest mode, as well as a stand-alone ORL test mode. The user can apply a calibration offset and noise floor compensation, for enhanced rnge and accuracy. Calibration is traceable to ISO/IEC 17025. 

The instruments are used as a pair, without defining any master/slave relationship. They are small and light, with an 80 hour battery life and sunlight readable display. Associated KITS software works securely with Excel, and can be used in real time to transfer readings to a report. Alternatively, the 8,000 fiber memory can be used to record pass/fail tests, for later reporting.

Versions include Quad, singlemode only, multimode only and also a convenient Visitester option, which illuminates the fiber under test.

New Two-Way Loss, Length & ORL Testers
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