The innovative MPO Visual Cable Verifier Kit finally answers the need for a quick, easy and versatile MPO toolkit tester, and is available for immediate delivery.

Alternately coloured light output allows quick verification of polarity, cable type, and continuity. Image taken from the included scope & optional camera.
Alternating colors allows quick visual verification of polarity, cable type, and continuity. Image from included scope & optional camera.

The test kit comprises a unique source that lights all the fibers with a repetitive color pattern, and a low power microscope used to observe the color pattern at the far end. The observed color sequence determines the connection polarity. This kit is versatile, since the concept is easily scalable for high fiber counts, and is useful up to about 1 Km distance.

Initial customer trials have shown great enthusiasm from all types of users including patchlead assembly houses, QA staff, installers and system operators for both single mode and multimode fiber types.

This simple design is affordably priced, flexible, easy to use, and intuitive for users. The new innovation bolsters Kingfisher's existing range of accurate, flexibile and easy to use MPO solutions, such as our MPO power meters.

Innovative new MPO Visual Cable Verifier Kit
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