We are introducing a CS Connector adapter OPT200 for use with our KI 9600XL-Ge7 and KI 2600XL-Ge7 Optical Power Meters. This unique and professional solution mounts a proper CS connector directly onto the meter detector. This arrangement is an essential tool for connector manufacturers, but is also a very preferable solution for most other users. The small size of this duplex connector presents problems for most other solutions relying on universal connectors. These power meters also work with MPO 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 ...72 fiber connectors, and LC / SC, so are a universal data centre solution.

For casual users of these new connector styles, we have a 1.25 mm universal connector solution OPT085 to fit CS, SN and MDC connectors, which can be used with many other Kingfisher optical power meters.

CS, SN & MDC Connector Adapters for Optical Power Meter
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